Woolly Mammoth Facts

The Woolly Mammoth was a prehistoric animal who became extinct about 4,000 years ago when the last ice age ended. Scientists have a lot of information about what this animal looked like thanks to the discovery of frozen mammoth carcasses in Alaska and Siberia. In 2012, an 11 year old Russian kid discovered the remnants of what turned out to be a very well preserved 30,000 year old woolly Mammoth in the area where he walked his dogs. In 2013, scientists discovered a baby woolly mammoth in an ice tomb in Russia. Every so often a Wooly Mammoth tooth will be discovered as well. On this page of Extinct Prehistoric Animal Facts are some interesting facts about the wooly mammoth including why they were covered with fat, why their ears were so short and what purpose their long tusks served.

Woolly Mammoth General Facts

Woolly Mammoth Adaptation Facts