Extinct Prehistoric Animal Facts

By definition prehistoric animals include all species of animals that have lived prior to when humans started to record history through writing. This list includes hundreds of millions of animals that have become extinct. Our focus in this section of Extinct Animal Facts (Extinct Prehistoric Animal Facts) will be narrower in that we will only generally cover mammals that roamed the earth after the dinosaurs excluding reptiles and insects (there will be a few exceptions). What we know about these animals comes from the research of paleontologists. These scientist use many means, including the piecing together of bones and bone fragments, examination of frozen animal carcasses, and even examining ancient cave paintings to discover what these ancient animals looked like and how they behaved.

Below we have listed interesting facts about many of these prehistoric animals including where they lived, how they survived and what their diet was.

Extinct Prehistoric Mammal Facts

List of a few Extinct Prehistoric Animals