Recently Extinct Animal Facts

The emergence and success of human beings as a species on the earth has brought about the extinction of numerous species of animals. From its humble beginnings humans have thrived and pushed many animals to extinction or near extinction due to over-hunting and the destruction and alteration of animal habitats. On this page we list recently extinct animal facts. Here you will find interesting information about a few of the animals that have become extinct within the last few centuries and how humans have contributed to their demise. Included are mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish. For each animal you will find out where it lived, when it became extinct, and why it no longer roams the earth.

Obviously we cannot cover all the animals that have become extinct due to actions of human beings however we hope this small sample gives you an idea of some of the amazing animals that have been lost forever.

For more detailed information and facts about extinct animals visit the other pages of this section which is intended for reading by both kids and adults.

List of Recently Extinct Animals