Extinct Dodo Bird

Extinct Animal Facts

Scientists are worried about the high rate of recent animal extinctions in the world. It is estimated that approximately half of the species alive on earth today may become extinct within the next 75 years. What are the causes of this alarming rate of extinctions and why are so many species endangered? Below we will explore these questions.

This site will supply pages of interesting extinct animal facts and list both recently extinct animal facts and information about prehistoric extinct animals. There is information on mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects; some of the animal names, like the Dodo Bird, will be familiar to every school kid and others will not be as commonly known.

Definition of Animal Extinction

By definition an animal is considered extinct when the last member of the species dies. This is not always an easy thing to determine; sometimes a species may be extinct for many years before it is recorded as such. This is often due to the fact that many animals have a wide range for their habitat and although
not observed for many years scientist are just not sure if there may be some still alive. There have been cases where a species is considered extinct and then, often years later, reappears. An example of this is the Okapi. This animal which lives in Africa and looks like a cross between a giraffe and a zebra was thought to be extinct. After decades of no sightings they were finally spotted roaming in a national park in the Congo. In fact approximately one third of mammal species that scientist classified as extinct, possibly extinct, or missing were found to still be alive. Often they are found outside of what was considered to be their habitat range; often pushed out by expansion of human settlements.

Facts about Why Animals Become Extinct

List of Extinct Animal Facts